How To Drive in Lagos Without “Wahala”

Driving on the streets of Lagos can be an extreme sport especially if you’re not a Lagosian and new to the Lagos life. If you live in Lagos, it’s about a hundred percent certain that you can very well relate to this. There’s even a popular saying that before the cock crows, Lagosians are already at CMS (a popular bus stop in Lagos) causing traffic “ear and dear”. Now back to it, driving in Lagos is not for the swift but for the skillful. Asides the amount of maneuvering and shouting you have to do just to get your daily bread, some even add to this wahala by not having complete car papers.


  • Park! Show me your particulars!

This statement has caused more anxiety attacks than you know. Any car owner/driver in Nigeria is obligated to know the requirements of owning and driving a car in the state. If a driver is stopped and found guilty of not having his/her complete car papers or having expired papers, he/she can be legally prosecuted or often times fined a 20,000 naira levy for disobeying road/traffic rules. That being said, driving without your complete car papers could give you a mental unrest and anxiety at the sight of road officials. This, you should try to avoid at all cost. See the list of important car documents every driver must have

Tip to help you overcome anxiety in this situation: Keep calm and visit for online renewal of your papers or Call/whatsapp +2348166944267

  • When the Traffic “wear Jeans and tie Wrapper”

Being a Lagosian is hectic for this one reason. You leave your house early to avoid traffic just to find that the entire Lagos did the same and now you’re all in that traffic you were trying to avoid – just imagine this kind wahala – Trying to beat a deadline to your destination and not being able to control your time and movement due to unforeseen circumstances like traffic can cause a great deal of anxiety.

Tips to help you overcome anxiety in a traffic jam:

  1. Remember it’s not the end of the world, you’d only end up late not dead
  2. Keep your physical actions in check, frantically checking the time and traffic updates will only make you more anxious
  3. Recognize your reactions, Lagos drivers can test your patience but you have to be calming down
  • Do you know who I am?

Another statement that has caused a lot of fights and fear flying around on the streets of Lagos is “Do you know who I am?” We usually hear this mostly when two cars collide on the road due to one drivers’ negligence or one using a car that’s not road worthy. I mean imagine running late for work and the being held up by something like this. Avoid road accidents by making sure your vehicle is road worthy and acquiring a road worthiness certificate also get at least a third-party insurance which can cover you if you mistakenly hit someone else’s vehicle.

While we’re not able to regulate traffic, we can help ease your mental stress by offering an easier and faster way to get/renew your vehicle papers. Just log onto also get free reminders for the expiry of your papers on the website

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